I want to write about the joy in my life
But, how can I write about joy,
When they I have temporary happiness
Unless they have two different meanings
I’ve always heard that Joy is the everlasting feeling that never goes away
As happiness temporary exist on the short terms goals you’ve created for yourself
Yet, one of the meanings has a true satisfactions that is hard to choose from
We believe in the goals that we set for ourselves
But we truly don’t think about the consequences
That comes with the choices we choose.
I am reminded that life is an uphill battle to figure out your identity
But what is the identity I have when others try to put layers on top of my own
Giving the fear of doubt and degrading my abilities to think
It is not a person but it usually starts in groups
Because I am different
So in other words shake the dust off your feet because haters exist.
People hate for reasons they do not understand
But, that doesn’t mean you should stop being you
You are created differently with a purpose
A purpose to fit your identity in your career paths
Your journey will always end up with a pass or fail
If you pass then you have to continue to work hard
If you fail then try again until you’ve figured out how to do it correctly
Or simply find a new hobby that you are good at
Do not force something that cannot be done
And do not force yourself to be someone you are not
Do not allow others to tell you what to do
And truly find your own identity
By being comfortable and loving yourself
Remember who you pray too,
If not that who supports you
Keep working hard to live out your dreams
And be the sparkle or the twinkle in your own eye
We love as we live as we loved
Smiling as we gaze into a trace by the joy in your heart
Because it will always be about you.


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