This is my reality

A person, I ┬ádon’t see,

Who am I, in this persona,

And where am I going,

Lost in the wings to when,

Pushed back and forth for sin,

As the world begins to cave in,

My faith begins to fail,

My life is crashing before its eyes,


With the inability to move in brokenness,

Burden by the weight that begins to carry,

Not, just physically as it shows in my mentally capacity,

As to where or why I’m here,

Who are my friends/families/ haters,

Pieces of who I was is, lost to never have been found,

Torn by the reigns this pain carries,

Into a no body that causes destruction by the pound,

By the stem cells/by the cold heart that begun to grow,

Spun out of control,

To no end

Proving who I am to put down,

Celebrated by celebration left unliberated,

Turned into a crown of thorns,

Persecution be treating as the delusion,

To talk back, get mad, and loud,

By the oppression, a label that is my crown,

Shameful by an act I didn’t wish upon myself,

Yet others promote and laugh,

As I lose pieces of my self-wealth,

And I am called “worthless”,

And other names that begun to match,

I believed in what they’ve told me,

I believed in the hatred that began to open wounds,

The holes that were never closed in the beginning or end,

Healing in unorthodox ways to fill the void,

In many names.

Objects that began to objectify to comprise the injustice,

Transferred into an act for lack of safety into irresponsibility,

Violated/pillaged without complicity.

Homeless soon had a name,

Unable to sleep or move into a career,

Left frozen with new chains,,

Now I have to make a move.

The crime committed,

They began to choice.