My Voice

My voice is me,
It is my strong,
It is my fortress,
It is my soul,
Its what helps people understand me.
But truthfully I am tired of others,
getting the way my voice is designed,
We are all created differently,
For a reason, its our entity,
My voice is many things,
It can be plain to see that I am here with it,
Its apart of me,
A sound that can’t be reached,
For my voice is amusing to me,
My voice is treated like the garbage I see everyday out on the streets,
Because its eccentric,
We are living in a world,
That defines ours,
But it not there to speak,
Its only a matter of opinion,
But we can care to not care,
But don’t you dare,
Take away the one living thing I have left,
Just because you can find your own voice,
Its your own mess.