It is mentioned in the bible
A touchy subject that has everyone on edge,
Believer and non-believer alike,
Whether you choose to be a sinner by choice,
Or a sinner saved by grace,
As one balances the other in the eyes of God,
We are all equal,
If I am a Christian am I righteous as I claim Jesus?,
If I am non-believer will Jesus turn away from me?,
If a Christian stops standing by the word of God will he/she not fall?,
If a non-believer decides to argue the conversation of God,
Are they themselves not allowed to ask?
Have we fallen short of the eyes of the lord,
That we can’t defend our beliefs as Christian because it offends other people,
As well as aren’t non-believers have the right to express their freedom of speech.
Questions we do not ask but choose to point the finger,
We hate what we can’t control,
We hate what we do not see,
We hate to hold onto burdens from past and previous events,
We hate as Christians to be conflicted in situations we do not understand,
And non-believer hate when Christian talk about a God they do not understand,
Yet, we are spiraling out of control believer and non-believer alike,
The difference is God is apart of the equation.
My Christian views should not surprise you,
Yet, I am not perfect myself,
Condemning is the beginning of the battle,
But finding peace/love/grace/ comes with convictions,
Deeper wounds, conflicted issues that aren’t healed,
Willing and ready to overcome the obstacle,
Healing the open wounds that broke me,
That breaks me,
That has hurt me,
That stripes away my sanity,
When it comes to choosing between the world and God,
As the world has condemn,
But my father in heaven who has loved me,
For all eternity and forgives my sins,
As I repent and build a relationship,
My sins will only be a memory,
There is so much sin in the world,
Everyone is focused on homosexuality,
There are other ones that are mentioned like,
Idolizing/lying/cheating/adultery/sex-before marriage,
The list could go on,
Being a part of this world is the curse,
That continues to break and divide,
So when we mention sin,
Remember as a believer,
In scripture it is written
To hate the sin but love the sinner,
That is not just implied for non-believers,
But believers as well.


My Voice

My voice is me,
It is my strong,
It is my fortress,
It is my soul,
Its what helps people understand me.
But truthfully I am tired of others,
getting the way my voice is designed,
We are all created differently,
For a reason, its our entity,
My voice is many things,
It can be plain to see that I am here with it,
Its apart of me,
A sound that can’t be reached,
For my voice is amusing to me,
My voice is treated like the garbage I see everyday out on the streets,
Because its eccentric,
We are living in a world,
That defines ours,
But it not there to speak,
Its only a matter of opinion,
But we can care to not care,
But don’t you dare,
Take away the one living thing I have left,
Just because you can find your own voice,
Its your own mess.